Working from home

Working from home

How to get your work done and keep your sanity away from the office



About this session

Does your workplace offer you the chance to work from home? Has COVID-19 meant you must?  

In this session Kishshana will explore the challenges and opportunities of being a remote worker. She’ll dispel the myth that you’re likely to have ‘more time’ and explain why you’re more likely to end up working more hours each day if you’re not careful.  

Topics that will be covered include how to communicate effectively, how to stay engaged, and how to ensure you carve out time to look after your mental health.   

The content will be suitable for newly remote workers but will act as refresher for the more experience remote team member. 


Aimed at

  • Anyone who works at home, occasionally or all the time 
  • Members of teams who include remote workers 


Learning outcomes

  • The tactics of how to work both efficiently and effectively at home  
  • Practical tips on managing routines and maintaining your energy 




Kishshana Palmer (USA)
Founder + CEO, The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana & Co.