WOW your donors: How to increase major donor and corporate income with strategic peak moments

You raise dramatically more money when you create surprise and delight – even beyond what your donor or partner is expecting. This is now more true than ever because not only does it increase loyalty and inspiration, social media also makes it easier for people to share these inspiring moments with others.  

 This workshop is designed to help you build the tactics, creativity, and confidence to deliberately create more peak moments. We use dozens of examples from corporate partnerships, high value fundraising, and the commercial sector so that you can adapt these proven tactics and, crucially, gain the confidence to implement them yourself.  


Among other things, the session is designed to give you: 

  • Increased belief that these tactics are worth the effort
  • An understanding of how to create tools to make all meetings with donors/partners more inspiring
  • Three WOW factor tactics that help you win more pitches
  • Ideas to help you get far more meetings with companies and donors so that you can build strong relationships more quickly


Aimed at: 

Any major donor or corporate partnerships fundraiser or manager, or any fundraiser who wants to become more confident and creative to actually follow through on their riskier, more exciting ideas to inspire donors. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • An understanding of the four powerful elements for designing peak moments 
  • Lots of examples that will help you: get meetings with donors/companies, inspire donors when you meet them, and win more partnership pitches 
  • Greater conviction that just as in the commercial sector, taking risks to ‘go the extra mile’ for donors is worth the effort


Ben Swart
Associate, Brightspot Fundraising
Rob Woods (UK)
Director, Bright Spot Fundraising