Your road map to a five star legacy programme: How to make the most out of your legacy fundraising potential

The time is now to invest in legacy fundraising. In the upcoming decade, we will see the largest transfer of wealth. An estimated $46 trillion USD is in the hands of the baby boomer generation and the number of donors leaving legacy gifts to charity is rising. Charities now have the chance to grow their legacy income, but many NGOs have not yet started to improve their legacy programme strategy effectively.

How many stars does your organisation score in legacy fundraising? Come and find out during this interactive workshop and get inspired how to improve your current program. Two legacy experts: Lena Vizy and Elly Lont will guide you through the different levels of legacy programmes, from beginner to excellency. They will provide best practices for everyone who wants to start, develop, and/or optimise their legacy program. So gain most out of the enormous potential legacy fundraising provides these days and come by. 

Aimed at

Anyone looking to prepare their organisation for legacy growth. Managers and fundraisers looking to start or improve their legacy programme. 

Learning outcomes

  • How to fine tune your strategy
  • How to define your own target group
  • How to inspire and engage your target group
  • How to gain leads and cultivate your prospects
  • How to retain pledgers by stewardship.


Elly Lont
Team Lead Legacy Fundraising, Greenpeace
Lena Vizy
Consultant, Legacy Futures