Youth mobilisation

Driving political change and lessons in grassroots activism

In 2022, Brazil was facing into an incredibly important presidential election – the chance to remove President Bolsonaro and end his threats to civil liberties, environmental protections, and democracy itself.

The activist community of NOSSAS sprung into action launching a number of powerful initiatives to mobilise the vote for alternative candidates, including a hugely successful youth voter registration drive that ran in the lead-up to polling day.

This session will help you understand the importance of grassroots activism in influencing political change and demonstrate effective strategies for mobilising voter participation, especially among youth demographics. Gain insights into overcoming the challenges of promoting civil liberties, environmental protections, and democracy within a political context, and discover lessons learned from the NOSSAS campaign that you can apply to future advocacy efforts and electoral initiatives.


Danielle Assis
Project Coordinator, Amazônia de Pé