Colin Habberton

South Africa

Dr Colin Habberton is the Co-Founder of the Relativ Group, an impact solutions provider based in South Africa and New Zealand. He has focussed his career on serving organisations across the world with a common feature – clear intent to generate positive social and environmental impact.

For more than 20 years, Colin has specialised in business development, strategic marketing, corporate governance, impact investing and resource mobilisation with experience working within enterprises, SMEs, government and civil society organisations. In the course of this time, he has received a PhD in Business Administration and Management.

He has published a variety of articles, presented at conferences on investment, analytics, fundraising, and strategic communications and the perspectives they bring to business and social systems. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors of South Africa (IoDSA), the co-founder of a number of for purpose initiatives, an Endeavor mentor and serves as a Trustee and Board Member of the Resource Alliance (UK)