Jolan van Herwaarden

IFC Session Leader Coordinator (Volunteer)

Jolan joined the Aids Fonds in Amsterdam over 20 years ago, as an activist/volunteer in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Soon she was organising large fundraising events such as Walk for Life and World Aids Day on a national level. After six years Jolan moved on to a women’s rights organisation as their first professional fundraiser, became Head of Fundraising and Communication for an International Development agency and set up the Major Donor programme for a large Cancer Society. Already working with NGOs in Europe, she moved to the United Kingdom in 2002. Her international knowledge of Fundraising and Communication is supported by the fact that she has been involved with the Session leaders at the International Fundraising Congress in Holland for the last sixteen years. Jolan has a large network of international contacts and it has enabled her to learn, share and wonder over the experiences of fundraisers from all over the world. As a trainer she is particularly inspired by fundraisers from countries with an emerging philanthropic culture and was often impressed by their drive and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, her studies in Marketing and Communication enabled her to encapsulate this experience into a holistic and business focused Resource Mobilisation. After many years in the field Jolan was able to apply her knowledge and accomplishments into Fundraising Training and Coaching for a new generation of fundraisers. She has been a popular journalist and speaker at conferences and gatherings for fundraisers and activists all over Europe and beyond. Academically, her love of study is backed up by a number of graduate and post graduate qualifications and, of course; the great University of Life.