Jonathon Marx

Events Coordinator

Jonathon first joined the Resource Alliance in 2015 to assist with the organisation of delegates and speakers at IFC. He was also responsible for integrating the IFC app, which made its debut that year. As Events Coordinator he continues to oversee the organisation of sessions, speakers, and delegate registrations for IFC, as well as liaising with venues and other coordinators.

During IFC 2019 Jonathon single-handedly set up the new ticketing software for IFC 2020, thus allowing delegates, for the first time in IFC’s history, to register for the following year while they were still at the conference. His ever-expanding role at RA includes managing this new software, assembling sections of the programme, and being the point of contact for IFC venues and services.

As unofficial Team Grammarian (a title he insists is valid!) he also has a hand in editing various parts of the Resource Alliance website. Outside of work he enjoys being part of a gaming community, an occasional pub quiz host, and a member of the UK’s first and only LGBT rowing club.