Kelvin Glen

Director of Partnerships

Kelvin is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the charity sector, where he has dedicated his career to driving positive change across a wide array of causes. With a solid foundation in fundraising and a proven track record of managing impactful programmes and projects at the executive level, Kelvin possesses a wealth of knowledge in both the charity and funding realms.

His areas of expertise include offering consultation and project management services to clients within the charity, corporate social investment, foundation, and philanthropy sectors, thus enhancing his industry insight. Kelvin has successfully led fundraising teams and initiatives for international, national, and local charities, operating in multicultural settings and diverse geographic locations to raise awareness and necessary funds for various causes.

Beyond his professional commitments, Kelvin generously volunteers his time as a trustee for the SA-UK Trust and the UK Fund for Charities, demonstrating his deep commitment to philanthropic endeavours. When not engaged in charitable pursuits, Kelvin enjoys giving back as a volunteer for Switchboard and finds solace in the tranquillity of nature.

Kelvin is a success story of the Resource Alliance in that he himself had the opportunity to attend the International Fundraising Congress several times, as well as IFC Pop-Up events, and served as an ambassador for the organisation.

Kelvin brings a diverse skill set encompassing advocacy, lobbying, fundraising, charity management, marketing, and campaigning to the Resource Alliance team.