Kyla Shawyer


As the chief troublemaker at the head of The Resource Alliance, Kyla is passionate about living and breathing the values of organization’s manifesto: to inspire sharing, collaboration and our collective power to create change. The kind of change that manifests when people of like mind and like spirit are brought together to connect and learn from each other, to innovate and unleash ideas in a unified effort to make the world a fairer, kinder and more compassionate place.

Before leading The Resource Alliance, Kyla was COO for Operation Smile, where she was responsible for both programmes and resource mobilisation, creating the organisation’s first globally integrated fundraising, marketing and communications strategy.  During that time, she also served on the IFC Advisory panel and as Chair of the IFC in 2014.

As a marketer and fundraiser for more than 20 years globally in both the non-profit and commercial industries, she’s “been there, done that” with the merely transactional side of social change and consistently challenges The Resource Alliance to fearlessly question everything, to tear down and to rebuild the way change-makers create positive, sustainable progress anywhere in the world. She’s positioned The Resource Alliance as a thought leader, a curator, a collaborator, a connector and a partner, a source of inspiration and education to Civil Society worldwide. Her mission: to encourage, support, empower, enable and celebrate the rabble rousers and troublemakers who have the vision and courage to forge new paths and new relationships, and to open the doors to new possibilities that will simply make things better.