Wanted: Radical thinkers, community advocates, & passionate changemakers

The Resource Alliance exists to support and inspire resource mobilisers to develop the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary to fuel their purpose.

We support a highly engaged community through access to the innovative thinking, best practices, and collaborative networks necessary to ensure they are constantly growing in their ability to resource the causes they serve.

The Advisory Panel is a small group of experienced, motivated volunteers who care deeply about our work and about the sector as a whole. The panel provides insight and advice and helps to ensure the services we provide, including FRO and our Global Community, exceed the expectations of our community. The panel also leads on curation for the International Fundraising Congress.

We are seeking a small number of volunteers to join the panel.

Panel members should have:

  • Experience working in the social impact sector
  • Expertise in particular subject areas (such as fundraising or comms)
  • A broad network of contacts in the sector globally
  • Experience of attending & contributing to Resource Alliance events

Volunteers must be able to commit to six four-hour virtual meetings annually, as well as time outside of these meetings for planning, strategy, & support.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Panel, please email with your name, organisation, a description of your role, and a summary of your skills & experience. Tell us why you’re interested in being part of the panel, and what you think you will bring to the role.

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